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NEW–Coloring pages for What in the World? Numbers in Nature

fours deer hooves and poppy petals

What in the world comes four by four?
Petals of poppies, hooves, and more.

fives--sea stars

What in the world comes five by five?
The arms of sea stars, all alive.

Click on the page you want to print out. Thanks to illustrator Kurt Cyrus!


Coloring pages for Way Down Below Deep

Click on the creature you want and print. Thanks to illustrator David Sheldon!

Giant Squid Color Page

Color the Giant Squid

Angler FIsh Color Page

Color the Angler Fish

Coloring page for A is for Alliguitar

A-B spread

Alliguitar and Banjaguar jamming

Print out and color the first spread of alliguitar and banjaguar jamming! Thanks to illustrator Herb Leonhard.


On a Windy Night Challenge

ps_2010_08_26___20_08_26Submit a comment  with your child’s answers. Whoever sends the best response will  win a signed copy of On a Windy Night!

How many things can you find in the book that might make a cracklety-clack sound?

Who or what is the voice the boy hears? Why does it get louder and louder?

Coloring Page

Click below for a free On a Windy Night coloring page drawn by illustrator George Bates:

Print out and color!