If Rocks Could Sing CoverSometimes¬† I come across a picture book that delights me–one where pictures and words have been put together with such mastery that I feel inspired.¬†

If Rocks Could Sing is such a book. Author Leslie McGuirk combed a Florida beach for years until she found rocks that resembled each alphabet letter–which required admirable patience–and a word that starts with each letter–which required admirable inventiveness. Her arrangement and photographs of these rocks are artful wonders as well. For example, “J is for Joy” shows a big fish-shaped rock nose-to-nose with a little one, both smiling, causing big and little readers to smile with joy, too.¬† Tricycle Press was the publisher, and its quirky, offbeat selections will be missed.

This is the kickoff of a blog series I will add to as I come across more such picture books–especially titles that may have escaped mainstream notice. Fellow children’s writers, librarians, and teachers, I hope you enjoy a look at these worthy new entries in the picture book genre! Stay tuned.